Legal decisions affect YOU, and they should reflect what YOU WANT. Therefore, it is very IMPORTANT that you actively participate in making the decisions that affect your life. To be able to participate, you must UNDERSTAND what choices are available to you, how to carry out your intentions, and the effect of each alternative, past, present, and future!

At the offices of NEAL M. RIMER, what YOU WANT is our first order of business and it is our job to assist you in reaching your goal. Of course, it isn't always possible to do exactly what you want, within the limits of the law; but more often than not, with good legal advise, you can achieve what is in the best interest of your family, your business, and yourself. And you'll have the added satisfaction of knowing that you understand the reasoning behind your actions.


Good planning is the best way to AVOID FUTURE PROBLEMS. Lack of planning and/or poor planning could result in needless litigation and/or expense to yourself, your business, or your estate.

NEAL M. RIMER practices, what we like to call, "PREVENTIVE LAW". We endeavor to anticipate problems before they occur. Through careful analysis and proper structuring of transactions, many legal problems and expenses can be avoided, while achieving the goals that you have set out to attain.


Many legal actions have FINANCIAL EFFECTS on the people involved, whether directly or indirectly. Without a doubt, there are TAX EFFECTS on almost everything we do. Since these two areas (law and accounting) are so closely interrelated, it is often necessary to have each transaction scrutinized by both your lawyer and your accountant, which may lead to unnecessary expense.

NEAL M. RIMER has an accounting AND legal background; and he keeps abreast of the numerous changes in tax law. Because of his knowledge he evaluates situations from both a legal and accounting point of view and he is able to help you understand the financial and tax effects of your actions. And, if and when it is necessary or appropriate to review a matter with your accountant, he can communicate knowledgeably with your accountant in terms they both understand.

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