Neal has a dynamic and sophisticated transactional practice and he provides creative, practical solutions to the issues confronting small and medium size businesses. My clients do business in a wide variety of manufacturing and services sectors in the marketplace.

Small and medium size businesses form the largest concentration of clients that are assisted daily, with respect to transactional matters, financing issues, and other general day to day business matters.

Neal has extensive experience in a broad range of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, debt vs. equity, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and banking.

Neal has been involved with business transactions of every kind. He advises and services all legal aspects of business operations, including organization, capital formation, merger and consolidation, sale and acquisition of stock and assets, reorganization, recapitalization, liquidation and dissolution.

In assisting client's with structuring, negotiating, and drafting various corporate transactions, Neal is always tuned into the client's goals. Whether the client needs a new venture to begin, financing arrangements for expansion, off balance sheet financing, the formation of new business entities including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships or desires to do a takeover, merger, other type of acquisition or divestiture, or a leveraged buyout, or shareholders need a shareholders agreement, corporate buy-out agreement or other types of complex or routine contractual arrangements, Neal is there to negotiate, document, and advise the client's on their transactions.

Neal provides general legal advice to his clients regarding commercial and other business law matters to assist them to make informed strategic and operating decisions for the successful operations of their businesses.

Neal is also used to advising his clients on issues involving stock or asset acquisitions or divestitures, sales of divisions and subsidiaries, merger or acquisition of divisions or subsidiaries, recapitalizations reorganizations and exchange offers.

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