Neal has extensive experience in advising the principals of our corporate clients, as well as others, on how to maximize the amount of wealth that they pass to successive generations.

As part of my representation, I also represent individuals in their capacities as executors, trustees, and beneficiaries of estates and trusts.

I have also written articles on various aspects of estate planning. Here are a few links to information that I have developed:

Should you do a Will or Estate Plan?

To avoid or not avoid Probate

Estate Planning Vocabulary

Alternatives to dispose of your Assets

Choice of Executor and Trustee

Is it time to redo your Estate Plan

Neal is the developer of the computer program called, ES: The Estate Plan Analyzer. The expert reviewers have commented that the manual, also written by Neal, is more valuable than the computer program when it comes to what estate planning is, what it means, and how it all integrates.

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