Neal represents his clients in a broad range of real estate transactions and asset-based financing, including real estate acquisitions and dispositions, construction and permanent lending, joint venture and partnership transactions, leasing, sale-leasebacks, problem loan work-outs and other aspects of real estate practice.

Neal has represented developers, purchasers, sellers, borrowers and secured lenders. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a deal-making philosophy, Neal participates in all phases of real estate development, including site acquisitions and assemblages, joint venture and partnership arrangements, construction and development agreements and construction and permanent financings, including traditional financing as well as participating loans and government loans.

Neal represents clients developing, purchasing, selling and financing apartment complexes, condominiums, industrial buildings, office complexes, shopping centers, mobile home parks and affordable housing developments.

Neal also has expertise in representing landlords and tenants in all types of leasing transactions, including office buildings, stores, and restaurants, research and development and manufacturing space, build to suit transactions, ground leases and sale-leasebacks.

Neal is always assisting his clients when their business affairs involve real estate issues. Neal actively participates in structuring and effectuating the acquisition or transfer of real estate assets of his corporate clients.

Purchase and Sale: Neal has represented numerous clients in the sale, acquisition and exchange of real estate, including raw land, industrial and warehouse properties, residential property and apartment buildings.

Neal is a skilled negotiator who advises his clients from the outset of each transaction, working the legal questions side by side with the business and accounting issues.

Neal is able to combine his insight into the workings of the real estate transaction along with his acute awareness of his client's goals, which goes far beyond the traditional approach of lawyers representing their clients. He continually develops alternative structures to a transaction to achieve the best result for his clients.
Neal, in negotiating, has extensive experience in dealing with contract representations and warranties, statutory and other disclosures as well as the remedies associated therewith.

Leasing: Neal has substantial experience in the leasing of all types of real estate. In negotiating leases, Neal looks at the potential future issues and problems that a client may have and negotiates for changes in the lease to avoid future costs and expenses and attempts to avoid those future potential problems.

Neal is always mindful of his client's desires, motives, and goals and therefore always takes a practical stance in all lease negotiations. Sometimes, leases take on a whole new approach to attempt to meet the client's goals.

Finance: Whether the client needs a promissory note, deed of trust, land sale contract, lease, private loan, commercial loan, construction loan, interim loan, or a refinancing of an existing loan, and the documentation that is required in each of these transactions, Neal is able to meet the client's needs.

Neal believes strongly in companies acquiring asset based loans and working capital lines of credit to facilitate growth, expansion, and fluctuations in business. At times, equipment leasing (on or off balance sheet) are critical to the continued existence of the business and future growth and the maintenance of a competitive position in the marketplace. The structure of financing and the effect on the balance sheet of the corporation is critical to the entity and its ability to acquire future financing.

NO LITIGATION: Neal does not do any litigation. Therefore, his approach is always to document a transaction with such clarity and personal involvement, that hopefully, the documentation of the transaction avoids the need for future litigation.

When a dispute arises, Neal is able to analyze the contract documents, the situation, the nature of the problem and the parties issues and make recommendations to avoid litigation.



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