Virtually all significant business transactions raise tax planning issues. Neal, with the knowledge of both an accountant and attorney, works closely with his clients to ensure that the transactions in which they are involved, are structured in the most tax advantageous manner, taking into account, all Federal, California and local tax aspects.

Neal has significant expertise in structuring major corporate acquisitions and dispositions, including stock and asset transactions and taxable and tax-free mergers and other reorganizations, and in structuring or restructuring complex corporate financing transactions.

In the real estate arena, Neal has been involved in structuring all forms of real estate acquisitions and dispositions, including tax deferred sales and exchanges involving single family, multiple units, apartment complexes, shopping centers, commercial, industrial buildings, including structuring complex real estate financing transactions.

Neal is still involved with advising employers regarding the design, operation and termination of various types of employee benefit plans. These types of plans include tax-qualified retirement plans, such as pension (defined benefit plans or defined contribution plans), profit sharing, employee stock ownership and section 401(k) plans. Neal also advises employers on executive compensation matters, such as stock options and deferred compensation. In addition, Neal assists employers with respect to various welfare plans, including cafeteria plans and self-funded medical benefits.

Neal also represents his clients in Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board audits and administrative appeals, requests for private rulings and other tax compliance matters.

Individual/corporate tax planning: Neal advises clients on the tax consequences relating to regular operations activities such as employment matters, real estate leasing, stock options and other stock offerings, shareholder/corporate buy-sell agreements and other transactions between shareholders and corporations.

Joint ventures and partnerships: Neal counsels his clients on the overall tax considerations of structuring joint ventures and partnerships, including the tax consequences of contributions of assets to such entities, allocation of tax benefits among the joint venturers and partners, and the tax consequences of the distribution of assets among joint venturers and partners during operations and at termination of the business venture.

Corporate reorganizations: Neal advises his clients on the tax consequences resulting from various types of business combinations and from the internal corporate and shareholder restructuring.

Business acquisitions and dispositions: Neal is involved with structuring transactions involving the acquisition or disposition of business and real property to best plan for possible deferral of taxable income, recognition of taxable income among assets being disposed of, and allocations of purchase price among assets being acquired.

Sales and Use tax:

Local municipal tax:

Real and personal property taxation:

Estate planning and probate administration, including estate tax and family wealth planning analysis, and the preparation of wills and trusts.

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